Planning Stage

Initial Meeting

First and foremost, remember that building a custom home is a process that evolves as you select, design, and shape your dream home around your specific needs. One of the first questions a builder is asked is how much will the home cost or what is the per square foot cost. No builder can look at your plans and tell you exactly how much the project will cost without first considering your wishes, needs, wants, and location, all based on your specific plans and specifications.

If a price is given by simply looking at your plans and generic specifications, the end result will more than likely not be the price or the quality you had envisioned. One 4,000 square foot home is not the same as the next. Everything has to be thoroughly planned, from the specifications to the blueprints, with all the details from electrical layout to exterior elevations. Not being thorough in the beginning will complicate the building process. A set of plans with its approved specifications must be let out to bid before and exact cost can be determined.

At Fox Custom Builders we schedule a meeting with our prospective clients to determine exactly what they are looking for — prior to giving a price.


At Fox Custom Builders we believe the only way to build a truly exceptional home is to have the builder and architect work together as a team. Our builder and architect team collaborates on a project from start to finish, which means that each detail the architect has envisioned is accurately brought to life in the home being built. It also means that the homeowner avoids the frustration of trying to manage and coordinate interaction between the builder and the architect.

Interior Designers

As the building plans are being developed, coordination with either our in-house interior designer or your personal interior designer is essential. The designer will help you determine and confirm your own choice of finishes in your home. The overall design and style of your home will determine many of the selections you make such as tile, stone, or hardwood floors.

The interior designer will help to enhance and maintain the integrity of the design. By recommending the flooring, finishes, furniture layout, fireplace, and cabinetry design at the start, you can avoid expensive redesign changes later.