Our vision is not to only build houses but to create a lifestyle. Fox Custom Builders’ homes are constructed to encompass the reasons why people move to resort style communities, with the interior and the exterior blending perfectly together to create an atmosphere that is open and inviting.

We realize that when building a home, no two homeowners will select the same features or room configurations and that no two lots are going to be the same. For that, we are proud to say that not one of our homes has been built the same way twice. Each residence is tailored to the homeowner’s desires and it is designed to fit the lot on which it is being built. By redesigning the home for the lot, we are able to incorporate the unique characteristics of the property and to truly embrace the views of the lake, bay, ocean, or golf course.

Each residence that we construct receives personalized, dedicated attention from top-level management. We feel that a close relationship is essential to creating the homeowners desired residence. The owner is involved with each phase of construction to ensure that their lifestyle is being reflected within the home. At Fox Custom Builders, customer service is just as important as the actual construction of the home.

The communities in which we build provide homeowners with top of the line amenities, and renowned golf courses, tennis courts, and spas. These features, combined with a Fox Custom Builders’ home, create the perfect resort lifestyle.